Child Care Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping
Let yourself feel the beauty of this job by giving us all the stress of its bookkeeping service
Bookkeeping For Child Care Services.

Are you running a Child day care center and wish to have a bookkeeper who can understand the difficulties and complications id child care?

We know that there are number of complications in child care business and we take care of you child day care bookkeeping needs and child care tax preparation, so you can do what you love most taking care of children without any distraction or tension. You don’t need to worry about you bookkeeping because we establish a detailed system for tracking profits and expenses for your day care business.

You can save your valuable time by outsourcing child care bookkeeping services, you get professional services from qualified experts at a very affordable price. Generally, you can claim back the fee as your business expense. A professional bookkeeper keeps your books up-to-date keeping in view the changes in legislation.

Credow team works with your accountant to verify that you are not missing on any taxable deductions.

You can claim the following expenses:
    Replacement and repair of play equipment
    Depreciation of playground equipment
    Food, toiletries, art and craft supplies
    Office or Work related Stationary and postage
    Work related Telephone calls
    Rent, electricity, gas, water, rates
    First aid training
    Day care Insurance policies (eg public liability)

    Uniforms and protective clothing

    Laundry of uniform / protective clothing

    Your accounting and bookkeeping fees

    Transportation Expenses (Pick and drop)

    Always remember that you need to save all your receipts! Our services include data entry, expenses, invoices, and payroll. We use Xero and Quickbooks to decrease the paperwork which can help you to keep up your records accurately. Credow’s Child Care Bookkeeping and tax preparation can help to make sure you are compliant and have all the necessary records to verify your tax claims.